Thursday, 30 November 2017

Guildball: First Light of Solthecius and Mist

I picked up the First Light pack when it was released but never got round to doing anything with it till now. I really liked the idea of a themed Church of Solthecius team and now with the Fractured Loyalties pack arriving today im finally able to field 6 legal player hehe:




Next up will be the Captain Brisket, and The Fractured Loyalties pack of Gutter and Coin! 


  1. I'm considering these as a second team to pick up somewhere in the future. How do they play? Do they have a steep learning curve?

  2. Still not used them haha, I think when the ful.l Solthecian line up is available it will be a reasonable team but with only a set eight players you will be at a disadvantage against a full guild player


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