Thursday, 29 September 2016

Warmaster: Empire Knights, Cannons and Halberds

Another round of models for this project:




Just two units of crossbowmen to go then its back to the Tau hehe

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Wasteman: Knights of Gnar Kickstarter is on and rolling!!!!

As mentioned in a previous post, the Knights of Gnar kickstarter from ThunderChild Miniatures started yesterday morning with a modest goal of 500 pounds to fund a posse pack of 5 knights, a pack of three snail riding Deathcargot Dragoons and the Behemoth Colossal Battle Snail...

Well lets just say thattotal is well and truely smashed!!!! We currently sit at over 2000 pounds and have broken the following stretch goals:

Here is a WIP of the next goal, the Battle Wyzard:

He looks great even at this early stage and i have no doubt he will be funded very soon yeah boi!!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Wasteman: Gone Prospecting!

Next up for the Wastemanz are Prospector Pete and his trusty companion H2Bro!

More Wasteman sooooon!!

Monday, 19 September 2016

40K: Tau Fire Warriors, Pathfinders and Cadre Fireblade

Ive completed all the Tau Infantry models now, all 41 Fire Warriors, 4 Pathfinders and a Cadre Fireblade:

Ive kept the orange purposely limited to just a knee pad and squad markings, i think it works really well with the pale scheme :-D 

Wasteman: MODZ Minis arrive!

First couple of MODZ and the latest retail release dudes have been painted up now:

Cybjorg Destroyers

Melty Men

Ideally i would get on and smash out all the others but i have to fit them in among the work jobs hehe, more soon!   

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Wasteman: Introducing the Knights of Gnar!!!!

Rumours and whispers have been abound in the Benethverse of a new power on the move...

The militant arm of the pilgrims commonly seen about the blighted wastes have mobilised in ever increasing numbers! Blessed warriors marching along side fearsome Deathcargot Dragoons and even larger beasts have been spotted, Colossal Battle Snails carrying Warleaders and Shrines! Can the Nuke rays and Assault Rifles of the topsiders stand against the horde????

With the near complete and early dispatch of the MODZ minis to all the eager backers, Thunderchild Miniatures is returning to Kickstarter to fund the Knights of Gnar to add to the Wasteman line.

The Colossal Battle Snail is massive, here is a wip of it alongside the Abomination!


Do it for Harambe: £8 for Harambe the Valiant on his own.

Cohort:£23 for a posse pack of 5 Knight infantry including Harambe OR 3 Snail riding Deathcargot Dragoons OR 1 Colossal Battle Snail

Contingent: £60 for the Knight Posse, 3 Deathcargot and 1 Colossal Battle Snail

Regal Regiment: £118 for TWO Contingent Packs

Grand Battle Host: £170 for THREE Contingent Packs

Crusader Creator: £300 for one of every model in the kickstarter AND Jason will sculpt a custom Knight based on your specifications!!

Jason has also sent me some WIP concept art of other models that will hopefully be funded as part of the campaign:

Variant Deathcargot Snails

Priestly chap with Eldar God tendancies

Tall guy and Fish Dude hehe

Raising the Flag!

Blessed Warriors with Relic Weapons!

The campaign will be kicking off next Saturday, 23rd of September, and will run for 7 days... Nice and short like the previous MODZ one and was a great success. The funding goal is £500 which will bring the Knights posse, three Deathcargot and the Colossal Battle Snail to the range, but that is not the end as many stretches are planned such as those shown above and also variants for the top of the Colossal Snail with a Priest in an Eldritch Warthrone and a fighting platform for Knights!

As an aside, my MODZ pledge arrived today so will be busting them out over the next week or so too!!!

40K: Moar Fire Warriors!

Yep, the next 12 Fire Warriors are completed:

Should be another couple of posts of these before getting stuck into bigger things!

Friday, 16 September 2016

40K: Tau Fire Warriors

Time to start this project properly, and here are the first 12 Fire Warriors done:

I will go back and add squad markings when i have finished all of them, these were literally the first 12 lined up on the shelf haha

Monday, 12 September 2016

Warmaster: Empire General, Cannons and Crossbows

Rounding out this stage of the army is its General, a Cannon Battery and two regiments of Crossbowmen:

My client is really happy with these and has already placed an order in for further work so more tiny Empire men will be on the painting table soon!

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Warmaster: Empire Knights

The knights are now complete:

The other side of the reigns not shown are green so they match the split colour scheme of Hochland and fit into the army better.

I'm aiming to have the remaining parts of the army (2x Crossbows, 2 Cannons and General) complete in a couple of days so will save them all for one last project update.

Warmaster: Empire Halberdiers

Before tackling the Tau head on i need to complete another small Warmaster job in the form of an Empire starter force. Its painted in the red & green of Hochland and the first units are now complete below:

These are more involved than previous Warmaster projects due to the split colour scheme but i like how they have come out. Next up will be the Knights...

Monday, 5 September 2016

Warmaster: Moar Lizardmen Coldones!

Double header from me today (You can tell the kiddies are back at school haha), with these additional Coldone Riders painted to go with the Lizardmen i painted yesterday:

Black Gate Miniatures: Preview Ogres painted!

I've painted up the first of the preview Ogres i was given by Black Gate Miniatures:

I've done them in the same style as my army for Age of Sigmarines, and i have to say they were really nice to work with being large enough to paint singularly like small warhammer figure before transfering them to a 20x40mm Warmaster base.

My other preview minis i shall be painting up during the campaign itself, along with any other goodies i might be able to prize from Barry's hands hehe

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Warmaster: Lizardmen Redux

A brief return to an older project with some urgent reinforcements ahead of an upcoming tourney haha:

Teradon Riders

Saurus Warriors

Saurus Warriors

Those spare command bases were ones i painted last year but needed redoing, two units of Coldone Riders to follow in the next day or so...

Saturday, 3 September 2016

40K: Project Tau Commences...

Ive been asked to paint up a rather large Tau Army for 40k, and following some discussion we are going ahead with a Sa'cea Sept scheme of Blue/Grey with the Orange tactical markings!

Below are a few pics of "most" of the army with its undercoats primed:

There is more to go hehe, and updates to follow soon!
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