Monday, 31 August 2015

WFB End Times Commission: Swordmasters

Back round to this project now and a big unit of Swordmasters of Hoeth:

The space in the unit is for another character model i am yet to do, and there is another unit of these bad boys waiting in the wings haha.

Painting up these elves has given me great insight in to how i will be doing my Wargods Amazons when i get a chance to start them :-D

Friday, 28 August 2015

Spotlight: Lords of War Tourney @ Play Margate

Last Sunday i took Jacob down to the retro gaming show in Margate for a boyz day out and to play in the Lords of War tourney that was taking place on the last day of the show:

Sadly i couldn't repeat my performance in the Expo Championship and i lost out in the semi finals to Hamdi Tajaddin, a really good player rocking those dirty Templars!!!

The Final was a very tight game between Hamdi and the eventual winner, Mikael (Pictured with MY Sword haha). Jacob and i had a great day out and met some top people, Martin and the LoW gang were as always, a great laugh and it was nice to hang out with them for the day.

I cant be too dispondant tho as i currently top the Lords of War World League table for 2015, hopefully i can keep that spot with Dragonmeet coming in December!

Top 10 Players 2015

(as of 26th August 2015)
† = One Star General
†† = Two Star General


Player Name

Score (in 2015)

Favoured Faction


† Richard Bowker




†† Alex Sharpe




†† Mike Assuhidis




Jake Cambell-Smith




Kenzie Elton




† Gobbo Leone




Martin Kempken




† Ben Rowland




Hamdi Tajaddin




Jack Shaw



Whilst chatting with the guys i was able to get some goss on the next expansion for Lords of War, Undead vs Templars 2 and also on future products that i am able to discus hehe:

  • The Kickstarter for UvT2 is most likely coming in October as they are finalizing some of the art work for it.
  • The Undead will have necromancy as their magic type; They can "curse" an enemy unit, and if that unit dies with the token on it the Undead player can raise the unit to their side!
  • Templars magic ability is "Inspiration", they will be able to buff their units to allow them to move along their attack arrows... Templar Cavalry is to be feared!!!
  • The vote for the next race pack was won by Pirates vs Ninjas; quite a few details are still to be worked out but Pirates will have a selection of units that can shoot sideways like the broadsides of a ship haha, and Ninjas will have special attack arrows that dont show a value... they will use the values of enemy units and turn their strengths against them!
  • A second terrain pack is being worked on, and they have plans for a multiplayer mat :-D

More details will come over the next few months and we are really looking forward to the Kickstarter and building up our Undead and Templar decks! Roll on October!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Warmaster: Characters and Monsters

Time for the next round of this project and we are starting with the characters and monsters:

Hero on Carnosaur

Terradon Riders


Infantry Characters

Cavalry Characters

These were pretty quick to do but the rest will take a while... i swear there is about a kilo of tiny little saurus warriors waiting patiently to be done haha

Friday, 21 August 2015

Age of Sigmar: Nurgle's Rotbringers and 500th Post!

This is one of those other projects mentioned in the last post... Age of Sigmar!!!!

No game has ever divided the internet as much as this one, haters and defenders have drawn swords across the world haha. I stopped playing wfb years ago so frankly didnt care that it got ditched, and so was able to look at Sigmar as a completely new system to try out.

Having read through the rules a couple of times i decided to give it a go and split the box with Jacob... he had the Sigmarines and me the Khorne dudes. We've had quite a few games of it so far and really enjoy the simplicity of it... the love child of Kings of War and Warmachine is the best way to describe it i feel.

In addition to my Khorne force i managed to find one of the old pestilent swarm boxes for sale at E-Minis  a really good Spanish retailer who i have bought numerous Confrontation and AT-43 stuff of in the past... So Nurgle was on the cards too and its so easy to paint up haha:

Lord of Plagues

Putrid Blight Kings

Nurgling Swarm

Plague Bearers

I have plenty more left to go including one of those awesome Maggoth Riders, but they will have to wait for the next couple of projects to be done hehe

Also, this is my 500th post wootwoot!!!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

WFB End Times Commission: Dark Riders

Apologies for the lack of updates this last week but i have been beavering away on several projects all at once, including a return to this project with a couple of units of Dark Riders:

My client did the conversions himself on these from a mix of dark elf warriors, colone rifer and dragon prince parts. We decided to leave the bases blank for this one as he wants to create some special bases himself using cork tiles.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Guildball: The Union Finished

Im glad i was able to complete these before cracking on with the next commission project:





This just leaves with with the alternative Boiler sculpt and the Non-KS Honour sculpt to do before season 2 is released across the world! 

Monday, 10 August 2015

Conspiracy of the Cult: Kamis!

Seriously, work can do one... these two washed spirits are all ive had time for since the last post:

Kami of the Blighted Earth

Kami of the Choking Fog

These two little spirits will fit nicely in to my Cult forces and im looking forward to giving them a run out soon!

Monday, 3 August 2015

Wasteman:Bugs, Bugs, Bugs... and a Turtle Monster

I couldnt resist getting these done ahead of schedule haha:


Badland Bugs

Moar Badland Bugs

These Kritters are more intended as scatter terrain but Jason has created stat cards for them so they can be used as members of the posses and as vicious terrain features hahaha

Lord of the Rings Commission: Heroes galore!

A few quick additions to this project as my client is quite local to me i can bust round and pick them up and sort a drop off with ease:

Radagast the Brown on foot and to go on an Eagle

Gandolf the Grey (Hobbit)

Captain of Gondor and Banner

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Circle Orboros Commission: Sacral Vault

This bad boy brings the project to a close again:

Privateer Press's release schedule means my client again has full faction until the new toys from the upcoming Devastation book are released hehe
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