Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Warmaster: Lizardman Kroxigors

Next up for this project are a couple of Kroxigor units:


That's the easy stuff done for now, next up is some Temple Guard and the worlds supply of Skinks!

Monday, 29 June 2015

Warmaster: Lizardman Commission

Been a bit quiet last week with work being a nightmare and decorating my girls new room but im back with the start of a new commission! My client has a rather large lizardman army for gw's old game Warmaster that he wants painting up for some games. I had the book for this years ago but never really got into it so its going to be nice to finally paint some up:


More to follow soon!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Legion of Everblight: Angelius

If these things weren't as good as they are I wouldn't have bothered! Such a pig to build its nearly as bad as my Road Hogs, but the Angelius is finished:

With this beastie I have my two lists ready for the tiers tourney in a month at 4tk, I have a few other Legion bits to build (Saeryn, pThagrosh, Striders and Bloodseer) but these will have to wait as its back on the Commissions for a while now.... Some Warmaster will but up next!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Legion of Everblight: Lessers!

The postal service took an age getting these to me but they finally arrived and at least are quick to get done:

All the Lessers come in packs of two but I couldn't see myself needing more than one Stinger of Harrier as they would mostly come out of the spawning vessel were needed. Jacob doesn't have any of them in his army so I passed them on to him for his growing horde!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Legion of Everblight: eVayl ladies mwhahaha

My second Warlock, eVayl is now completed as are some much needed fury support models in the Shepherds:


Hopefully my lesser beasties will arrive tomorrow so I can get them smashed out ahead of a game in the evening!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Legion of Everblight: Moar Heavies!

As every one knows Legion is all about the beasties, Heavy Beasts to be precise... so here are two more haha:



Tomorrow I plan on getting my 2nd caster eVayl and two Shepherds done if possible! 

Spotlight: Imperishable Dominion

I have teamed up with a group of my mates to create a new blog based on all aspects of Warmachine and Hordes, we give you:

Imperishable Dominion

There are 11 of us writing for it for now, with a massive range of gaming and faction backgrounds so we should be able to cover just about the whole game and our readers will be able to find something of interest!

This will not affect Fanplastic Little Men in anyway as I will only be putting in 1/2 articles a week on the new site hehe, but with so many of us on board it will get a lot of content quickly.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Legion of Everblight: Succubus & Seraph

Two more additions to the Legion that were completed yesterday:

Succubus - Warlock Attachment
In addition to these, my Legion All in One box arrived from Cymberline Games on Friday and I had a chance to open and unbox it to my case. These sets really are fantastic value and great for starting new armies with!
With the goodies from the set I now have just over 100pts of Legion shinnies to get painted up. 

Friday, 12 June 2015

Legion of Everblight: Hex Hunters!

Over the last two days I have been working on my Hex Hunters for my growing Legion force:


Hex Hunters come in a full unit box of 10 which is handy but the pVayl tier list needs two units of them and I didn't fancy buying two big boxes! The conundrum was solved with a visit to Privateer Press's parts store and I picked up a 2nd leader and another trooper model.

The tier bonus for having the two Hex Hunter units is that I get to add Bayal, Hound of Everblight to a unit for free... He's normally 3pts which is quite a lot for a UA but is a steal for free as he does bring a lot to the unit he is with.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Legion of Everblight: pVayl

The first of my two starting warlocks is now complete:


The prime version of Vayl is really interesting, a beast centric warlock who can do a bit of support for infantry... perfect for what I wanted this project to achieve!

My first list is going to be Vayl's tier 4 list so I have quite a few hex hunters to paint up with the obligatory support models and a couple more beasties haha

Monday, 8 June 2015

Blightening up the Day: Legion of Everblight Project

The Trolls have come and gone to pastures new via ebay, I just didn't gel with them and following Jay Larsen's win at a big tourney a month or so ago the bits I needed to finish my lists were impossible to pick up. So we come to the start of a new project for Hordes, my own Legion of Everblight mwhahaha

Spawning Vessel
Ravagore 1
Ravagore 2
So there we have it, the start of my next force for hordes! I have two specific lists planned which have as much overlap in models as possible, and I made sure I was running some lists that operate very differently from my existing Minion armies... In this case ranged and flying beast heavy armies, so minimal infantry and support where required.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Spotlight: Unlocking the Secrets of the Third Reich with Westwind Productions

A few weeks back I heard some chatter about an upcoming kickstarter by Westwind Productions, producers of some fine quality miniatures and gaming systems, most notably Secrets of the Third Reich!

I messaged them to find out a bit more of their plans and Andy Cooper was more than helpful in answering the questions of a Newb:

Secrets of the Third Reich (SoTR) is a 28mm skirmish game based in the nightmare world of 1949 where ww2 never ended. Can you tell us more about the setting?

The year is 1949 and the second world war still rages across the globe, but not in a way recorded in any history books. This is a darker world where the common soldier battles against monsters and the mad machines of super-science and dangerous minds.

If you like the idea of G.I’s and Tommies battling zombies, werewolves and vampires, or mighty war machines striding the battlefield with an array of infernal weapons you will love SoTR II.


From what I've seen of the current version it scales well from very small skirmishes of say 5 a side up to big battles of 50 or more, did you find this difficult to achieve and what will existing players notice that's changed.

The original game took over two years of testing and development to get the right balance for the game. Not an easy task but one which the volunteer beta testers took it on with a relish. The New books have a lot of refinement and clarification of various rules alongside development of the army lists including the addition of the Japanese and USMC and theefinement of the Mech and vehicle design rules.


We have seen art for new versions of existing characters like Black Jack and Ash, is the focus going to be on redoing the range or creating new characters and units?

New models for somethings, like Black Jack and Ash, but new and exciting stuff like the new medium Mechs for Russia the KV-9M, USA a redesigned Sarge , the British get an updated RAT Mech and Germany a new and revised Panzer-mech.


As to the actual campaign, what sort of pledges can we expect? How long have we got to save our monies too!

Friday the 5th of June is launch day for the Kickstarter.

So there we have it, this Friday is K-Day so to speak! And as I ask on all my interviews, any chance of a cheeky preview?

Of course...


UK Games Expo Part 2: Lords of War tourney time!

As promised here is my account of Sunday's exploits at the expo!

After about 4hrs sleep Captain Winter and Sherwin had to be up for the WMH Masters tourney which was kicking off about 8am! We had all been in the bar till nearly 2am so it wasn't the best prep for an event haha, luckily my Lords of War tourney wasn't until 1pm so I had plenty of time to relax and come back to the land of the living.

So I rock up to the Marquee with my game-face on and this is the scene that awaits me:

Oasis Academy School in da house!!!!!!! A few of the teachers played the game and got the kids involved so they organized a coach trip down for the day haha. I spotted a few customized decks being run and was informed that the kids had plenty of experience so I had a fight on my hands!
Lords of War Gary displays the Champion's Sword to the crowd with his best Conan pose!

The Lords of War facebook page has a lot of great photos from the event so head over there for a browse of the action and find out about upcoming events.


So after 3 rounds of intense action I find myself in the final vs the Mighty Kenzie, he had smashed his way to the top with some decisive victories and had plenty trash talk along the way hehe. One of his teachers asked how much practice he had put in during half term and he said 10 matches a day... boy got decication and the skills!

After a very close game I was just able to get ahead on points for the win!

My thanks to the guys for running a cracking event, well organized and loads of fun which was the main thing. Also to Joe, Megan, Gabbie and Kenzie for some great games during the tourney and a big shout out to Oasis Academy!


Future Warmasters right there!


Monday, 1 June 2015

UK Games Expo Part 1: Warmachine, Bushido and Guildball

Ive recovered enough from the weekend to start my write up of the UK Games Expo in Birmingham!

I drove up there very early on Friday morning with a mate of mine as we were both playing in the Warmachine tourney that started at 10am haha. When we got there we found another couple of the local lads had made the trip but we didn't know they were going:


Losing badly to Cryx!
Losing not so badly to Cygnar!
Losing by a gnats chuff to Circle!
Win against Cygnar Yay!
Win against Trollbloods Yay!
The rest of Friday was spent catching up with the guys from GCT, Guildball and Lords of War and then hitting Birmingham town for a steak and chicken dinner ftw!
For most of Saturday I was helping GCT by demoing Bushido with Carl Packham. Carl is a top bloke to work with as he's a great laugh and knows his stuff! I was a little worse for wear in the morning up soon perked up... not as rough as Gordon and Rogue tho haha, too many beers on a school night chaps!
Demoing ate up most of the time but I did manage to get some snaps of some upcoming releases that were on display:
Cult of Yurei - Kami of Choking Fog & Blighted Earth (Very excited for these!)


Silvermoon Syndicate - Luck Kami!

After the trade rooms closed I went over to where the Grand Tournament was being held to watch the final matches and catch up with Toby. The event was won by Chris Hales with the Savage Wave and as part of the prize he gets to develop a model for a future wave!

The day was not all about Bushido tho, I made sure I had time for a demo of Guildball and a good catch up with my mate Mat Hart, co-creator of the game! I haven't played Guildball since the first alpha stage matches with Mat as I wanted to wait for a finalized rule set before I got it memorized. The game is much cleaner and flows a lot more than the early days and is well worth picking up.
There will be more on Guildball in the coming months as the Bunker is starting to really get into it!

Expo part two will be up tomorrow and will cover the lords of War tournament I entered....
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