Monday, 4 December 2017

Guildball: Fractured Loyalty and Seasoned Brisket

I was in the zone yesterday so finished these four models in a couple of hours!

Brisket - Captain

Gutter (Solthecian Alt Model)

Coin & Ball (Solthecian Alt Model)

So thats a legal 6 model line up sorted, enough for some games at the club, but not enough depth to take to a tourney....

Seasoned Spiggot!

Harry the Hat (Solthecian Alt Model)

Solthecian Lion Mascot

Decimate (Solthecian Alt Model)

Thats more like it hehe, full ten roster!


  1. Some great models and poses, are these plastic or metal?
    I totally dig your colourscheme and may 'borrow' it once I get to buying and painting mine.

  2. These are all still metals, looks like plastics for the old guilds has been shelved for now with those new resin versions on there way


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