Saturday, 30 December 2017

Runewars: Waiqar Carrion Lancers

A quick project from yesterday:

Two Carrion Lancers for my mates Waiqar army, bases to be completed by him to match his force. I'm planning to pick up an Uthuk force for Runewars to play against his Waiqar and Daqan armies, these or the Latari Elves dont really suit me but the crazy berzerkers and monsters of the Locust Horde are right up my street haha.

Runewars is a good little game and worth trying out!


  1. Cute 😉. Nicely done! Though I'm missing a bit of an unearthly glow in these empty eyesockets, some light blue might look great. It's just an idea 😊.

    1. By the way, how did you do the worms?

  2. Those were all over athosian camoshade i think, then carefully paint all the surrounding areas as its not the easiest thing to fix.

    Need to get my Uthuk army on the go for this!


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