Thursday, 25 September 2014

Thornfall Alliance: Light Beasts

My game at the bunker was cancelled last night so I decided to use the time to get some painting done and chat to my mates whilst they all gamed. I was challenged to see how many beasts I could get done in the three hours I was going to be at the club:

Gun Boars
Five beasties to a gaming standard in three hours haha!
Astute readers will know that Gorax aren't minion beasts but Circle ones, they are available via Dr Arkadius's new tier list which is too good to pass up ;-D


  1. What's the Boneswarm for? That's a Blindwater beast.

  2. It is usually, but Midas's tier list from the Gargantuans book lets you take them as Farrow warbeasts ;-D

    Its far better for him than the standard thornfall list imho


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