Saturday, 6 September 2014

Project Cephalyx: Begin!

This marks the start of my Cephalyx army for Warmachine, a new Mercenary Contract that I can use at tourneys to fight along side my existing Searforge force.

These are just the assembled and undercoated forms so far, its been a mad week with working nights and ive not got a scrap of painting done since the last blog post:

Exulon Thexus - Warcaster
Warden and Wrecker - Heavy Monstrosities
Mind Bender and Drudges
Mind Slaver and Drudges (Old metal ones, more on route)
Tactical Arcanist Corps (Dominated Unit)
Overlords 1
Overlords 2
Overlords 3
Drudge Gobbers!
Still to come are Dominatiors for the Merc units, the new Croe's Cutthroat box, two Agitators and a box of the new plastic Mind Slaver and Drudges :-D

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