Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dark Secrets League

Over tge fourse of november, the bunker is running the warmachine dark secrets league, i missed week two but was down for week three yesterday. We had 2 games of 25pt mangled metal doubles, and i was teaming up my pigz with my mate rodders and his dirty legion of everblight!

Game 1 vs Harvey/khador and Dave/menoth.

Straight of the bat i broke right and headed for the khador berzerker swarm led by pVlad, a caster i'd not faced before but was cobfident of scrapping little berzeker jacks. This left kegion to go after menoth, and a couple of early mistakes by dace saw ekreoss squashed beneath an avatar and on fire! Khador got the charge on me with vlads feat but only a couple of jacks made contact and damage was minimal with my arm21 hogs. My turn three and i feated which left 2 scrapped berzerkers, 1 juggernaut and 1 drago... turn 4 saw a roadhog bbq of a knock downed vlad haha.

Game 2 vs barry/legion and mark/cryx.

This time it was rodders who made the daft mistake and got pthags killed on turn 2 as the enemy ganged up on him with pdennys feat, a seraph and typhons flames! my turn 2 and i crashed into the cryx lines, setting fire to denny and killing a scythean, the collapsing terrain of the scenario helped as i basically got another turn on the cryx and bbq'd denny. I lost by scenario as i was just out of my control zone, byt everyone agreed that barry's caster was dead next turn with a full health road hog and possubly a warhog that could have got to her.

All in all a great laugh, mangled metal is a great equaliser for pigz as the enemy is lacking all the support pueces they are used to and since pigs have none its all good!

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