Thursday, 29 August 2013

Darklands update

We are apparently entering the last few days of availability for ordering extras for the darklands kickstarter from back in February.  Ive taken the option to add a brute starter set, some more foot drunes and a could of the medium sized mosters to my force... my sparing partner Erik has invested in a Jotun so I needed the heavy support!

Mierce have released a few teaser details of a 2nd kickstarter to fund a full hardback rulebook and the next wave of troops for the existing and additional factions... fingers and toes are crossed for some cavalry similar to the mounted kernuor model!
Following on from my undead bbowl commission, I have been asked to paint up a Lizardman team in early september for a friend. That will probably be the last I do this year, with a shedload of darklands stuff to paint up before the wargods arrive,  its going to be a very busy run in for the end of the year, but thats just how I like it.

Hopefully I'll actually get some games in next year haha

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