Friday, 22 November 2013

Spotlight on SphereWars!

A bolt out of the blue today, I have been asked to be an "Army Master" (Demo Monkey) for SphereWars :mrgreen:

I got an email from Oscar, one of the founders of the company asking if I would like to be part of the UK team and help promote the system. SphereWars is a Spanish company, and the game is of the same name. It has been out in Spain for over 5yrs with hundreds of players at national events, local tourneys and painting competitions, and is beginning to make a presence over here.

It is a skirmish style fantasy based game, with a model count similar to godslayer and darklands; between 5-20 models depending on the game size!

Models are graded by class such as leader, wizards, elites, regulars, average troops and superiors such as this bad boy below:


This is the Leviathan, the superior for the Scions of Kurgan faction, it is currently the biggest model in the game, but a recent indiegogo campaign has funded the superiors for three other factions (One other alreay existed), and two of those are dreadknignt sized at least!

Like most skirmish games, starter boxes are available for each faction, this is the Newborns one:


Each of these boxes is about 200pts, enough for a small game and to get the basics but more options are opened up with bigger forces as you can include more characters and the elites. The superiors are only available in games of 1000pts+ which stops small games being too unbalanced.

There is a 2 player starter box that comes with the rulebook:


The current rulebook is an A5 softback, but a full hardback is on the way. It is also available for free download here: ... rs_low.pdf

The 5 current factions; the Scions of Kurgan, The Alliance, The Packs of Uresh, The Adepts of Malesur and The Newborn will soon be joined by a 6th force in the Cursed of Malakoy, and are all pretty varied in their abilities and look.

Scions of Kurgan: Children of the Ice God, big monsters with tenticles, hard hitting but few in number
The Alliance: Human medieval forces, displaced following a civil war
Packs of Uresh: Fire demons, lots of little beasties and a few big monsters
Adepts of Malesur: Shape changing creatures, lots of variety with specialised models
Newborn: human faction based on technology, pushed out the alliance from their home land.
Cursed of Malakoy: Undead based, use mind control to force others to fight for them.

This is one of the Adepts, the Moray Eel:


SW are sending me over 2 painted armies, rulebook, dice etc next week so as soon as they arrive I will bring them down the club to try out and put a game on, then on to other local clubs and stores!
In addition to the models provided by the company, I will be adding my own personal force so there will be plenty of spherewars updates coming in the near future :-D


  1. these models look awesome rid, cant wait for more reviews on the game :-)

    1. Soooon, my demo set is on its way and will be going up on the blog asap haha


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