Saturday, 26 July 2014

Darklands: Drune Meat Hulk

First of my big bad monsters is done, Druc the Meat Hulk:


The Meat Hulk kit is infamous in Darklands for the ahem, wang attachment....  it comes with the option for either a nub or a full on rager!


  1. There are not many companies who dare to do something like this, especially not for tabletop games. I also remember a Nemesis giant which had the option of a loincloth or his essentials.
    Anyway, I think he needs a contrasting colour. Now he looks a bit bland if you don't mind me saying. Could be the photo though.

  2. He is a tad mono chrome yeah, but the model lacks any hair, armour or clothing to put much colour on to it. He's just a big naked bloke with a horn face hehe

  3. Cool minis and the "attachment" is hilarious!


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