Monday, 5 October 2015

Spotlight: CaesarMagnus Miniatures by Fanplastic Little Men

Yes you read that right... Little men from Fanplastic Little Men!

Over the last few years i have slowly begun the process of creating my own line of miniatures from scratch. Now i am no sculptor or Artist so i knew i was going to require some outside help to turn my flight of fantasy into a reality.

Luckily for me i am in a fortunate position where i could employ some of the best in the business to put my initial ideas into something workable. When i began in 2012 i asked for some advice from Gavin Moorcroft from Tor Gaming on concept artists and he readily recommended Christian Schwager who produces the mad designs for Relics.

After some discussion back and forth we had a number of concepts ready, and below is the one i have chosen to begin the miniature making process with:

In the fluff that surrounds this line, Trajan Hesk is an Eradicator-Cleric, a high ranking field operative for The Order, a sort of Knights Templar meets Equilibrium!

The process of finding a sculptor was extensive but i feel worth it as the end results speak for themselves. Ben Calvert-Lee of Mastercrafted Minis has been great to work with and has produced some amazing mins, some such as the Masons Guildball team can be seen elsewhere on this blog too.

1) First up is some initial work to create a human figure with clothing that can be worked on further:

2) The digital sculpt is nearly complete, just some fine detailing required now:

3) The digital sculpt is complete and looks amazing!

4)The finished sculpt was then sent to be 3D printed. Here Ben's work can be seen in detail and it really shows how great a sculptor he is!

Hot of the press today is the first cast of Trajan Hesk:

So there we have it, the first of my range from my brain via an Artist in New Zealand to a Sculptor on the south coast haha, truly a global endeavor and one i feel fortunate to be able to undertake.

Trajan Hesk and more from the CaesarMagnus line will be available via Mastercrafted Minis and Cymbeline Games in the near future. 


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers bud, will have a copy for you very soon hehe

  2. A classic pose, but one which never gets old.
    Looking good! Are you planning a game for them, or just a miniature line?

    1. Just a miniature line to begin with, it's going to be self funded for quite a while but I have plans to do a rule set at some point yeah :-D


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