Monday, 4 January 2016

Wasteman: Robots, Rushmore and Trevor

Ive now completed all the minis that were included in the the first part of my Wasteman pledge:

E-Liminator 2000




Colonel Rushmore - Lunar Coalition Boss

Radical Trevor - Bandit Boss

Just the Behemoths n bases to come now, really looking forward to getting my own ones having seen the ThunderChild painted versions when i went for a game with Jason last year!


  1. What a lovely rust colours you did on these droids.
    The astronaut is also a very funny unique character. It looks a bit like he is going to plant a flag.

    1. Cheers it's just averland sunset over leadbelcher with an earthshade wash.

      I love the Radical Trevor model, the official one has a US Confederate flag but that's a bit beyond me so a simple orange to tie him into the bandits did the job


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