Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Guild Ball Commission: Fishermen

A brief interlude in the Twilight painting, I was asked by Tolehaven Games in Romford to paint up their demo set for Guild ball. Here is my progress so far:

Fisherman Starter Set

Goals and Ball

The Butchers are well underway and i hope to have them finished by the weekend! 


  1. I will have to pop down to Tolehaven when their all finished and have a look at them IRL.

  2. Cheers, hopefully they will be with them next week :-D

  3. While they don't look bad, they aren't your best work either of you don't mind me saying. They look a bit monotone, apart from the flesh, as the blue-grey of the clothing is close to the most of the metal tones like the chainmail.

    1. Hehe it's my bad lighting on this shot, none of the chainmail is actually "metal" it's all washes of skavenblight dinge.

      The wip photos I sent to them came out much clearer d'oh

    2. :-) That explains a lot.
      My colourblindess makes it probably even worse.
      Time to get out your light box ;-).

    3. I really should! It's down the garden in my shed and I keep forgetting hehe


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