Thursday, 21 April 2016

Lord of the Rings Commission: Gandalf and Thorin

A brief interlude from warmaster with some Lord of the Rings minis for my long standing client! First up is Gandalf the White on foot and mounted on Shadowfax, and Thorin Oakenshield to complete the Company set i worked on last year:

As before, bases are left black for my client to keep his armies themed, and Gandalf was as asked form on supplied cobble bases.

Next up for these are four Aragorns and a certain rabbit powered sledge


  1. For a rush job, these look great! Shame you left a gap between the horse head and it's body, it would have been a real eyecatcher if the gap wasn't there. I like how you played with brown and grey to get to white. Also, the lighter spots on the horse make it look more real and alive.
    Thorin doesn't look half bad either, a nice and clean job!
    Very well done!


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