Saturday, 20 August 2016

Ironjawz and Epic

Just a couple of bits from earlier in the week:

Dark Eldar Webway Portal

Moonclan Mangler Squigs


  1. To be honest, I'm not convinced by the yellow squigs. Part of it is the fact I adore the simplicity and cartoony feel of the old squigs, these new ones just don't do it for me. Another part is likely the fact the yellow is out of my comfort zone, I'm so used to see them in red 😉.

    The webway portal is simple and elegant and sure looks exactly as it should 😃. Well done!

    1. Haha fair enough, I think some of it is the first bit of yellow wash I used was from a nearly empty pot and it came out very orange as the pigment had become concentrated, I couldn't get rid of that effect even with more coats of yellow hehe

    2. Just curious, which was the base colour?

    3. This was done the same way as my old gator army for warmachine:

      White spray
      Nuln oil wash
      Cassandora yellow wash
      Earthshade wash done


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