Thursday, 12 January 2017

Wasteman: Wrath of Haramborg!!!

In a few short weeks Thunderchild Miniatures will be launching a new kickstarter campaign after being invited on to the Make/100 programme by Kickstarter themselves. With this event the pledges are limited to only 100 to encourage innovation over mass production... so what better way to take part than with a honking great cyborg Gorilla hahaha


Is this not awesome, i mean its a monstrous angry primate with mechano fists and legs, with bionic eyes ftw! I will be in for one for sure!

Ive been able to see Jason's progress on the sculpt over the last few weeks:

And as can be seen from these pics he towers over the Knights of Gnar and also the Rokka... not a small model either! Haramborg will be a Behemoth in the Wasteman game, probably of similar cps and power to the Hydra and Chimera from the MODz campaign last year.

Speaking of the Knights of Gnar, all our minis should be arriving at Wasteman HQ next week from the caster, and the cards the following week so postage (And painting!) is imminent hehe 

More updates on this to follow along with all the painting of the shiny new toys!


  1. What a monster! And quite flexible as he wouldn't look out of place in a Kaiju or Pulp City scenario either.
    Is there a known release date for the KS? I don't want to miss it, but I'm in holiday near the end of january.

  2. Not 100% but i know it will be by the end of January, i think Jason wanted to have everything from the Knights ks ready to post before this one started up.

    If you are on holiday when its on and cant get to pledge, email me and i can put a pledge in for you then we can transfer over the details after it closes?

  3. That would be great Richard!
    I'm in China at the end of the month and there are probably going to be a lot of sites I can't visit over there.


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