Monday, 16 July 2018

Oathsworn Miniatures: Burrows & Badgers Commission

Since i painted those last few Chainrasps i have been spending all my free time working on this commission, i wanted to post it all in one go as the basing wasn't finalised till the end:

Rear: Mouse Burglar, Ferret Clan Warrior, Hedgehog Alchemist
Front: Weasel Soldier, Mouse Skirmisher

Rear: Hare Warrior, Mole Friar, Wildcat Hustler
Front: Mole Mercenary, Sparrow Warrior

Mouse Shieldmaiden, Rabbit Archer, Toad Shaman

I've not played Burrows and Badgers myself but it looks to be a good little skirmish game with a solid following, and the models are certainly characterful and nice to paint up!


  1. Fabulous work Richard! I'm a really big fan of the range and game myself to be honest.
    I like all your natural looking tones, it really suits them.

    1. Cheers yeah they are some great little models to paint!

      I havent really got the time or space for another game at the mo but will certainly be recommending it all to people


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