Thursday, 27 December 2018

He-Man Miniatures Game: Teela!

Happy Xmas everyone!

First chance i've had to do any painting over the holidays hehe, but im back on it now for a bit:

Technically its Not-Teela, a Bounty Hunter style model sculpted by Brass Monkey, but you get sufficient appropriate parts to mix in and convert like i have hehe. 


  1. A bit late, but happy holidays to you and your family.
    That's a really nice figurine. I must admit I had to look her up though, as I've always known her with her ornate headdress.

    1. You too Wouter!

      This one is foremost a scifi bounty hunter kit with parts that could be used to make a Teela type figure, i believe another model is being sculpted with a closer nod to the original hehe


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