Tuesday, 29 January 2019

A Song of Ice and Fire: Neutral Heroes

Here are all of the Heroes available in the Neutral Faction, some are currently only via the kickstarter and subsequent sales via ebay or trade groups:

Ramsey Snow (KS), Reek and Ramsey Snow

Brienne of Tarth, Roose Bolton and Bronn the Sell Sword

Lord Varys, Peter Baelish and The High Seneschal

Back to the units now, next up are the aptly named Bastard's Girls haha


  1. Wow you are really burning through those

  2. The quality of the minis seems to be outstanding.
    Excellent work on painting them!

  3. Cheers chaps!

    These are the same material as the plastic guildball teams, probs from the same factory haha

    They have more realistic features, less heroic scale hands and faces than GB, closer to Lord of the Rings in body proportions,,, just about 35mm tall rather than 28mm.


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