Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Battletech: Getting the Band back together

Whats this you say? Battletech? Yep Battletech, i played the hell out of this game back in the mid/late 90s and now its back and so am I!

Shadow Hawk, Awesome, Thunderbolt and Commando

Locust, Battlemaster, Catapult and Wolverine

Griffin and Wolverine

I backed the recent kickstarter... did rather well you might have noticed with around $2.5 million pledged hehe, but i wanted to get back in playing before that so i tracked down copies of the most recent armoured combat box and the beginner boxes.

I also noted that a more streamlined version of the classic had been produced in my absence, Alpha Strike, which made playing large Mech engagements possible and able to be finished in a sensible amount of time haha.

I bought that book and have had a quick go at it with a mate, a few mistakes but we got a 3v3 finished in about 30mins so i think im going to solely play this version of the game as its much better for club nights and evening warfare.

Im also going to ignore all of the older metals/plastics/resins, and most of the more recent metals too as quite frankly they look poor and out of scale with the above modern plastics and the upcoming range from the kickstarter.

1 comment:

  1. Woot! Happy to see some BT here.
    I recently started playing the game again as well, though as I still have a ton of plastic models I decided not to buy into the KS. Couldn't resist the new starter boxes though, they make a great Commstar force.


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