Monday, 21 October 2019

Relicblade and Lord of the Rings: Bad to the Bone!

Busy busy busy, i finished up these small projects last night but never got round to posting them doh!

Relicblade - Bones & Darkness Faction with a Bone Fury and Vandas Greycloak

Relicblade - Berzerker Pig for the Battle Pigs

Lord of the Rings - Castellans of Dol Guldor

Now that the extra heads have arrived for my Pigsplitterz i can get cracking with them again, just another small project or two to go.


  1. Brilliant models, all of them.
    I really like your take on the Relicblade Bone and Darkness models, they're amazing.

    1. Cheers, rakarth flesh is my new go to for painting skin or bone!

      These were rakarth flesh, ulthuan grey, earthshade and then terminatus stone drybrush... very quick n easy.


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