Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Kings of War: Ratkin Lord of Blights

A mate of mine signed up for a 1000pt Kings of War tourney in February which gave me the impetus to jump back into the system after quite a hiatus!

I was umming and arring over what faction to pick having previously used Undead, Abyssal Dwarves, Herd and Varangur, when i spied a pick showing official Mantic conversions of Warpath Veer-Myn models with orc or goblin weapons to make som very cool Ratkin models and i was sold.

Im starting off with this, a Lord of Blights:

Based on a special character Veer-Myn from Deadzone but given a fantasy combat arm i think it looks pretty cool to be fair.

I have quite a lot of Veer-Myn coming for Xmas from the family so will really be able to crack on in the new year!


  1. With the colourscheme you did on him and that mace it's hard to tell he was originally a Deadzone model.
    I also think that it's a very clever conversion and your brushwork only adds to that.

    1. Hehe cheers, really looking forward to getting more of these done


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