Sunday, 27 December 2020

Black Powder: American Civil War Epic Battles Preview

 Happy Christmas peeps, hope you are all as stuffed as me haha! I got some free time on boxing day and today to get this sprue of Warlord Games new epic battles American Civil War models painted up to see what its all about:


Infantry Regiment

Cannon and Officer

The sprue came free with this months Wargames Illustrated, a preview ahead of the full release in late January I believe.

I painted mine up as Confederates but its the same sprue for both them and Unionists so if i see another copy about in shops I may get one to paint up as the Yankees! The sprue is crammed full of models, 106 to be precise... the box game will have 24 of them!!! Reminds me a great deal of the old Epic Space Marine game with its mountain of identical marine/rhino/land raider sprues.

The models are nice to paint, sufficiently detailed for the job and being plastic very lightweight for ease of transport for a massive army.  


  1. Those painted up well; it looks like it may be a very popular set.

  2. Cheers, I think so yeah, they are cracking for what they need to be.

  3. These look great! What colors did you use?

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