Saturday, 13 February 2021

Blood and Valor: Starting the Ottoman Empire for WW1 Gaming

 Every now and then my gaming group gets a bit of inspiration after someone posts up a pic or expresses an interest in a game or project... this was one such happening haha.

One of my mates posted a pic of a board setup his working on which had trenches and he asked if WW1 was for anyone... 10mins later and a load of us have a copy of Blood and Valor from Firelock Games on order along with substantial armies from a few places!

I have decided to go with the Ottoman Empire for my force, a bit unique and leftfield compared to the Brits and Germans that the others picked, but also one with a nice looking range from Gripping Beast.

Here's my two Heavy Machine Gun teams, I've had to start on the support stuff with its bigger bases as my infantry bases weren't packed by mistake and arrived yesterday doh! Still, plenty to do on the bigger guns though.

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