Monday 18 September 2023

Age of Sigmar: Cities of Sigmar Battle Wizards!

The new Cities launch box was enough to get me back into AoS haha, almost 2yrs since i last played! and whilst i waited for the box to be delivered i browsed the models for other newer aesthetic stand ins for the older WFB kits and found these two:

  Cleona Zeitengale and Octren Glimscry from the Cursed City game will do nicely as Battle Wizards as they are very in-keeping with the new releases... i do not plan on using any of the older kits in this force so a very human-centric castle with plenty of the Steelhelms, Fusiliers and Cavaliers is the order of the day!

My box has arrived and i'm starting on the three character models first, there's no rush on getting the project ready for an event so i'm taking my time on the build and paint.

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