Wednesday, 26 September 2012

We aint no Peppa Pig!

Ive finally broke my Menoth duck!

Tonight i had two games with my pigs against Menoth at the bunker, first was Lord Carver vs the Harbringer, and second was Dr Arkadius vs eKreoss.

I'd not fought the Harbringer before but knew what she could do, my opponent feated on turn 2 (too early as i reckon i was out of charge range anyway), i backed off slightly but moved Rorsh n Brine upto the edge of her control zone. On my turn 3 i spanked his jacks with hogs and ended the turn with Brine one shotting the bint with his face hahaha.

Game 2 was a long slug fest, only my opponents bad rolls kept me in as he slowly wore down my forces until only Dr A and a couple of damaged beasties were left surrounded. We ran out of time but i was gonna die next turn so happily conceeded the win.

Good times tho, but its uncharted seas next week...

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