Sunday, 7 October 2012

A sad day looms....

It is a sad day my friends... its time to sell my Black Legion army.

I cannot reconsile using them with another chaos codex that is so far removed from my ideals of how they should be. Over the next week the entire 8000pts will be going on on ebay, i'll post a link to the sales on here.

I like the new codex enough to build up a renegade chapter army tho, painted slowly to the highest standard, but this will have to wait till my current commissions are completed. I'll have to study up on schemes and find a good one!

Im not sure on the force to use as yet, but the dark vengeance set will form the core, and im not fussed on making it competative as i only paint what i like to paint rather than what the internet says is good.


  1. Sad times indeed, though it seems to be a running theme. My best friend is selling off his Blood Angels soon and even I - *sniff* - yes, I resolved over the weekend to finish painting my Space Wolves at the earliest opportunity and put them on Ebay...

    Good luck with them. I reckon it's a good time to sell them now the new Codex is out...

  2. Cheers, its tough times but i dont want to paint more legionnaires as im not very good at highlighting black!

    I do quite fancy painting up a new chaos force tho, probably violators as i'll besick of red after doing 4tk's crimson slaughter marines.


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