Monday, 29 October 2012

To Infinity and Beyond!!!

Well... ive finally cracked! For several years a few of my mates have been banging on about me starting Infinity, but ive always resisted... until now :-D

The release of Campaign: Paradiso and the new Tohaa faction has sparked my interest in the system, and with the main rules and human sphere expansions available for free on the Corvus Belli website, for free, it only sweetens the deal!

I was passing by tabletop nation on saturday so stopped in with the family to have a quick look at the campaign being played. It was good to catch up with an old friend Stu Mackiness of the tempus Fugitives ( and he introduced me to Carlos, one of the designers of the game. We got chatting about the Tohaa and their place in Infinity and he signed my copy of Paradiso with some awesome custom artwork:

Needless to say i was well happy, and im the proud owner of a shiny new Tohaa starter set waiting to be painted... as soon as those Dangleberries are done hehe


  1. Have to admit, the demo that 4Tk did at the last New Games night at the Bunker made me want this game. The minis are amazing and the rules are really... well... *quaint*. Never seen anything quite like it. Apart from Necromunda, obviously!

    It's definitely high on my list of possible new games to start next year...

  2. Give it a try bud, all the rules are free online to download. The starter sets are £27 so its not too bad to get going.

    Thats a 130pt army, normal games are 300pts, so going for a cheap swarm of troops will cost more dollar than adding a big TAG and some eliter troops to the list.

    I think it will be cheaper to play than warmachine, but it is a skirmish game rather than a "battle" game, so time will tell if its got the legs of the other system


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