Thursday, 21 February 2013

Unleashing the Ito: Part 1

Ive built, undercoated and washed the 5 models from the Ito starter set:


These were some of the easiest models to put together i have ever encountered, no warping or miscasts, and only a tiny bit of green stuff to strengthen the joints. I used army painter spray but in very small, quick bursts so as not to obscure any detail, and then washed the whole models in gw nuln oil when it was dry.

I find that the inital wash helps define and pick out detail on models, and creates some instant shading that can be worked around, and its massively helped improve my painting over the last year.

I will be painting these models one at a time to give my best work to each one, Bushido is a skirmish game where every model is a unique character at the moment so it seemed only right. There are 4 other Ito models outside the starter set so its not going to be a massive undertaking to get them all painted!

More to follow soon...


  1. Enjoy Ayako when you get to her, she's brilliant!

    If I win the GCT Ito paintong comp, I'll be getting the whole clan myself! :)

  2. Cheers, I'm looking forward to getting them all yeah!

    You should get a bushido force, sherwin is coming onboard too, and hopefully we'll get more interest at the club if we get some badass armies painted up!


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