Sunday, 24 February 2013

Unleashing the Ito: Part 3

Back from a great weekend away in Brighton with my fiance, she went to sleep early so i got a chance for some more painting on the remaining Ito models:

The main clothing areas are about 75% done and the bases have been basecoated so im happy with the progress ive made. I was origially going to work on these one at a time but since im using the same colours and its only 4 models i reneged on the vow, and i should have them done early in the week.

I went back and redid the face and some of the skin areas of the first Temple Bushi i completed, and i'll show him updated when the rest of these are completed.

In other news, Battleboards UK have begun work on my new custom board, a 4x4 masterpiece with an intergrated hill and lake feature, perfect for warmachine and other smaller skirmish games such as Bushido that i play. The board isn't just for my own entertainment, i'll be using it for location set photographs of completed commissions and for game development should i find the time to progress my ideas.

More to follow soon!

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