Saturday, 14 December 2013

Conspiracy of the Cult

More Bushido today! I have begun to build up a Cult of Yurei force as my 5th faction, and these are the first pieces painted up over the course of the day:

Kato's Mannequin

Taka & Wrath
In addition to these chaps I have the starter set and Araka the Oni, I have these in varing states of preparation but will hopefully be completed tomorrow as I have that dystopian wars commission to crack on with.


  1. Nice little selection there; I especially like Taka and Wrath. :)

  2. Cheers, Wrath was real easy to do, just 4 wash coats over white spray: nuln oil, bieltan green, druchi violet and earthshade.

    1. Easy is very nice sometimes in my experience! :)

    2. Aye it is, these are far quicker than my usual ito boys, good job as I have quite a few more coming!


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