Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Years boys and girls!

Hope you all had a good night, we had friends over with their kids but us adults were getting tired so we changed the clocks at 1030 and celebrated at 11pm haha

2013 was a great year in my life, not just for painting; I changed jobs and we got the girls to sleep till 5.30am... believe me that's a lie in in our house!

On the painting front I achieved my goals in ending the year paintless, I moved my Darklands Drunes and my Silvermoons to 2014 as that's when the majority of the models comes out. A massive haul of over 500 models painted makes me proud, and it looks like it will be another big one this year with commissions and my own kickstarter goodies coming in too.

On our club forum I made the following resolutions:

1) Fully paint my Drunes for Darklands
2) Fully paint a new force for Warmachine
3) Fully paint my Amazons & Wendigo for Wargods
4) Fully paint my Banebrood for Godslayer
5) Only start 2 new games this year... Darklands and Wargods

Should be another great year, im getting married in August to my beautiful fiancé Emma and I cant wait!

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