Friday, 28 March 2014

World of Twilight: last 2 days!

The World of Twilight kickstarter campaign is entering the last two days and is closing in on the £15,000 stretch goal:
One of the recent goals passed was a postcard to be included with our rulebook pledges, and Mike posted up the art for it... its beautiful! Im tempted to convert it to a canvas print for my games room!
The other important development is Mike's decision to release a playtest force for the Frenu, the fourth culture in the world of Anyarl! I have pledged for a set of these to take part in the playtesting and help shape a new force for the game:

A selection of the models are shown below:

The Frenu Kopa is yet to be sculpted but the rest of the range shows a lot of promise. Im looking forward to getting these along with the Delgon force for some small games with Jacob :-D

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