Saturday, 1 November 2014

Blood Bowl: Avengers Assemble pt3

Next up are the 4 Blitzers, the heart of the team:

Captain America
Iron Man
Onwards to the catchers and throwers now yeah!


  1. I would have removed the plumes on the helmets and sculpt the helmets more like the ones from the actual superheroes.
    Also, why does cpt. America handle a knife? I still like the idea though and the armour (especially on cpt. America) is well done.

  2. Cheers Wouter,

    These are what I had to work with haha, the team isn't the greatest by a long stretch but the client didn't want any conversion work as he had already moded them in a few places like the knives and shoulder studs.

  3. Ah, that explains a lot, I thought you made the conversions. Anyway, like I said: nice work!


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