Sunday, 24 July 2016

Guildball Engineers Commission: Colossus

The big wooden spider man guy is now finished hehe:

Pain in the ass to build but quite nice to paint up in the end tho!


  1. Since it was first shown I felt like this model shouldn't be in the range. It looks too different from the rest. While most models for guildball look medieval and gritty, this is crossing the line towards steampunk and magic.
    Well painted anyway!

    1. Agreed I'm not a fan of it, or the engineers as a whole to be honest, they were the pledge created team and Matt n the guys had a bit of a mission to get them to mesh well

    2. Glad to hear I'm not alone 😉. When I voiced my concern and opinion in the comments section at the KS, after they had shown the first time, most disagreed with me. They are the one team I will never pick up for certain.

    3. The models themselves are pretty nice, could see use in another games system for sure


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