Monday, 11 July 2016

Ironjawz: Gore Gruntas and Army Shot!

Finished the Gore Grunta cavalry last night but ran out of time to get it posted up:

These also complete the "Ironjaw" contingent for my Destruction Alliance, i have a small number of lesser Greenskinz to complete to round out my force, mostly some ranged support from Arrer Boyz n Gobbos and a few artillery pieces. Below is what 2500pts of pure Ironjawz looks like on the board:

For when you have to destroy everyone!!!!!!!


  1. They look very brutal.
    As a whole the army looks even better, the uniform black colour makes them look even more menacing.

    1. Cheers, not an ounce of black on these apart from the bases hehe, it's Incubi darkness with sotek green highlights

    2. Darn my colourblindness 😉.

    3. Hehe, looking forward to playing fully painted again!


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