Tuesday, 22 May 2018

He-Man Miniatures Game: Getting Started

A while back i got involved with the creation of a He-Man Miniatures game rules set by a mate of mine! I loved He-Man when i was younger, i was far more into it than Marvel or DC comics so i knew this was right up my street:


Ram Man

Trap Jaw

Beast Man

The rules are looking sharp and will soon be available for free download from wargame vault, and more models will be sourced and converted to look the part as time allows... I have the power!!!


  1. I had no idea there was a miniatures game based on this show. The minis themselves look spot on and you did a cracking good job painting them.
    Tempting ... Something I definitely will consider as a future purchase.

    1. Its all fan based for now, Kaha Miniatures and Brass Monkey are making some inspired by models hehe

  2. I noticed a lot of sculpts seem to be available like the ones from Quest.
    Cheaphammer also had a couple of He-Man 7TV blog posts. I guess it's just a matter of time before anyone picks up the license and makes a proper game out of it, or perhaps it's just wishful thinking 😁.

  3. Where can i iet the he man mini from i just want him

    1. Yes I want to know where to buy this miniatures.


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