Friday, 11 May 2018

Star Wars Legion: Seeds of the Rebellion

So i had a demo of this from a mate at the club and really liked it! Its much better than i imagined and its Star Wars haha

I picked up my own core set, bought my mates rebels and then also purchased an Airspeeder from a local store Marquee Models.

I've gone for the brownish scheme shown in the rulebook as it matches well with my Gamermat scifi terrain and mat, progress has been slow over the last week or so but here's where i am at now:

Rebel Troopers 1

Rebel Troopers 2

Luke Skywalker


  1. I'm not a big Star Wars fan myself, but these chaps look generic enough to blend into any sci-fi game.
    Looking good, only your blue alien is perhaps a bit too blue 😉.
    Good to hear you had some hobbytime apart from painting.

  2. Hehe the Duros guys, yeah they are some blue buggers!


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