Monday, 10 September 2018

Lord of the Rings: Deep down in Goblin Town!

So this project started on a whim, i saw the Goblin Town stuff from the old box set going cheap with a few mins to go on eBay so thought sod it, lets give it a cheeky bid and bam i won it haha, that gave me about 350pts for £15! I knew this would be a silly little game force so saw another box of the warriors that i could source quickly and they arrived the next day:

These only took a couple of hours to do so all going well i can field a fully painted Goblin Town force for my 500pt game on Wednesday :-D


  1. We must be in sync. I’ve just started on some LotR miniatures for the first time in about ten years.

    The Goblins look fantastic.

  2. Haha cheers!

    I needed an army to use in small games (<500pts), my Gundabads dont scale well for lower pts matches as everything thats good about them is really expensive!

    Gotta get a "Good" force yet, hopefully soon!

  3. It's an horrendous price on Amazon!

    1. Yeah now its out of print the prices will ramp! Hopefully GW get the models out for it soon enough


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