Sunday, 23 September 2018

Lord of the Rings: Hail to the (Goblin) King!

Actually painted these up a couple of weeks ago but forgot to photo them until now haha:

Goblin Town Warriors

Goblin Scribe

Grinnah and Goblin Captain

The Goblin King!

Basic but acceptable given how many of these buggers i need! This puts me at around 400pts painted up, i have another thirty six(!) Goblin Warriors to finish off but they will have to wait for now. 


  1. 400 points is more than enough to start with, although the Scribes ability to bring more goblins on to the board doesn’t help reducing the amount you need to paint.

    They look great.

    1. Cheers bud,

      Ive played one 500pt game with them so far and the Scribe was a legend... he summoned on 17 Goblins in 6 turns haha


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