Sunday, 14 October 2018

Relicblade: Battle Pigs Faction Starter Box

Taking a break from my Chaos Dwarves with these crackers:

Raider Pig, Shield Pig and Soldier Pig

Pig Warlord

Relicblade by Metal King Studio is a great little skirmish game, played with 3-6 models a side on a 2x2 board for some fast paced action and scenario play! 

These four minis constitute the bulk of my warband, i have another model on order that will take me up to the standard game size of 100pts. When the piggies become available separately again i will add a few more to give me some options to mix up my force.


  1. I've been resisting this game since I saw the first batrep on Guerrilla Wargaming. The miniatures and setting look cool and the rules don't seem overly complicated. The only reason I didn't is because I really don't want to start another game I'm barely going to play.

    Your pigs look fantastic, dark and with colours that look great together.

    1. Aye it was Guerilla that got me into it too haha!

      This seems the easiest pick up game for a fantasy skirmish i have come across so can see myself selling off all my others and just busting this out for the fix.

    2. Hahaha, not sure I'm prepared to make that kind of sacrifice for the game. I like the style and universe of World of Twilight and Burrows & Badgers too much and only recently started to build a few AoS skirmish warbands.
      It might be a great game to play with my kids though.


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