Friday, 31 May 2019

Introducing Judgement by Gunmeister Games

Earlier in the week I ordered the starter box for a game called Judgement, by an Australian company called Gunmeister Games!

I was flicking through youtube when a Beasts of War demo for the game came up, I watched it and was intstantly hooked haha

Here are the three models that come in the starter box; Rakkir the Orc Rogue, Bastian the Human Lore Keeper, and Gloom the Shadow Hound (A Neutral Monster on the board).

I will be demoing it down the club very soon!


  1. The miniatures are great, very detailed and I like the bases too.

    Australian huh, I'll check it out 😁.

    1. Looks a superb game yeah, Gunmeister games in Sydney I think


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