Sunday, 9 June 2019

Judgement: Doenrakkar

I'm back! Its been a rather busy week so I've not had a chance to pick up a brush before today haha.

Next up for me is Doenrakkar, a Minotaur Defender for Judgement, and he will enable me to play a legal 3v3 warband game. He is there to keep my other models safe and to provide another reasonably high damage output threat:

I will pick up another couple of models for this after a few games to create a full 3v3 pick and ban force of 5 models.


  1. Wow. That looks like an absolute beast!

    1. He is absolutely massive!

      Played my first game of Judgement last night and have to say its fantastic, very very good system

  2. Fantastic miniature, he's got a bit of an air of noblesse about him while looking all feral at the same time.
    You did an outstanding job painting him.

    I checked out the website but the thing I'm not sure about is the round table.
    How do you guys tackle this?

  3. Cheers,

    It works well, it gives you space on the mat to keep tokens and stuff which helps to play in areas with limited space.

    Played again last night and this is fast becoming my fav game at the moment!


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