Monday, 9 December 2019

Godtear: Nia and Half Tusk

Two more Champions & Followers today, Nia and Half Tusk are ready for some table time:

Nia - Shaper Champion

Quartzlings - Followers of Nia

Half Tusk - Guardian Champion

Froglodytes - Followers of Half Tusk

These give me one of each class painted up now, Nia is a Gnome Geomancer who can manipulate objective hexes and hand out a few boons and blights where needed.

Half Tusk is a mighty Troll who with his frogs can guard and move banners about to keep them ptotected. He is also pretty handy in a fight, with two attack actions for the price of one and currently the only in game source of healing hehe.

Also, 1000 posts! Eight years this blog has run for now!


  1. Congratulations on reaching this milestone, that's quite an achievement.

    I like all these followers, they would be perfect as golems or monsters in 15mm.
    Nia is a great champion, she could easily function as a druid for a RPG. Not sure what the thing next to hear is meant to represent though, I'm guessing they're gemstones in their natural state?
    Incredible work on all of them.

    1. Chars

      In all the pics with the Champions that is their "Banners", you place them when they claim objective hexes hehe


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