Sunday, 8 December 2019

Godtear: Rangosh and Grimgut

My pledge for Godtear finally arrived and the club is all hyped for getting some games in so these have gone straight to the top of the queue hehe.

First up are Rangosh and Grimgut:

Rangosh - Slayer Champion

Red Bandits - Followers of Rangosh

Grimgut - Maelstrom Champion

Wretchlings - Followers of Grimgut

The models in this game are divided into four classes: Slayers(Red), Maelstrom (Yellow), Shapers (Green) and Guardians (Blue). Each gains certain bonuses to scoring such as killing champs or followers or planting banners etc, but the best thing about it is how different each Champion n Followers set are from each other within the class itself.

My planned starting warband of three Champions n Followers is Rangosh, Grimgut and Nia who is currently on the paint table... The plan is to support Rangosh in killing enemy Champions by buffing his high damage but low accuracy attacks!

I have painted the base rings to match the class for ease of identification of the class types.


  1. This Grimgut and his followers are really great. Rangosh is a bit vanilla but you did an excellent job painting him.

  2. Wow!

    That first one looks a brute!

  3. I love Big Daddy Rangosh, hes the one i was most looking forward to painting as the metal i have of him from the early access isnt transportable haha


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