Monday, 17 February 2020

Age of Sigmar: Grandfather Nurgle

New year, New Army! That's the tagline isn't it hehe.

I've signed up for the AoS Essex GT again this year held at Wayland Games in July so i was looking at my options to prepare for it... I've sold my Flesheaters and Stormbros, and didn't think my Pigsplitterz would be up to task so it was time for a new force:

Nurgle! I knew i would need a force that didn't rely on its spells given that Nagash and Tzeentch will be everywhere, i needed some tough troops that could do the hurt even on 3+ save Petrifex Bonereapers... and most importantly it had to have some cool models that would be interesting and quick to paint.

Nurgle ticks all these boxes, and they recently had some new subfactions come out in the wrath of the everchosen book to bring them up to the same level as the other chaos books.

I already had the FW Great Unclean One in a box from a long ago moved on project, probably some 40k army about 10 years ago haha, so it was an obvious starting point for my legions and takes up nearly 1/5th of my points already.

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