Monday, 3 February 2020

Bolt Action: Hungarian Weapon Teams

Two more teams for my force today:

Flame Thrower Team

Panzerschrek Team

Im a few bits away from completing this force i think; another truck, another flamethrower team, a Nimrod and the Rocket Laucher Artillery piece should do me :-D


  1. Nice paint job. Do you have the Csaba AC or any of the Turan or Toldi tanks for your arsenal? Also check out the new cavalry for the Hungarians done by Great Escape. They come mounted and dismounted and should really add some mobility to your army.

  2. Cheers,

    Yeah i have a Turan 2 and a Toldi so far, have a look back on the bolt action label to see the rest of the force as its been a few months since i painted anything for it>

    I did follow the cavalry kickstarter and may add a unit in time but not until ive done the above hehe

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