Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Years!

One last post up for 2012, happy new years to everyone who reads and follows my blog!

Its been manic over the xmas period, i havent picked up a brush since my last post, i asked my girlfriend to marry me and she said yes, but we were in and out of hospital and the dentists as she had a tooth infection.

Hobby and workwise, ive started on Cymbeline's Orx team and Referee, i have the armour base coated on the players and the ref is nearly finished, but its time for bed, my babies have been waking up at odd times over the last few nights and i need my sleep :-(

Looking forward to the new year, i have a number of resolutions planned:

1) Fully paint a blindwater force to go with the farrow to the UK masters in may. This may be 50pts or 75pts, and could be 1 or 2 casters needed.

2) Paint every farrow release this year, 3-15 models, so shouldn't be too difficult.

3) Finish my spartan fleets to 1500pts minimum each, and add land to my CoA force. Not a massive task again.

4) Finish my Tohaa Infinity force to 300pts

5) Finish my Nuem Relics force to 300pts

6) Finish my Mantic: Kow Undead, Dreadball, Project Pandora.

7) Finish my Godslayer: Banebreed to 300pts, Halodynes to 160pts.

8.) Finish my Urban War: Triads to 750pts.

9) Expand Fanplasticlittlemen... Work in progress!

10) If these are done, then I can treat myself to the Cult of Yurei range for Bushido later in the year!

That should see me thru for a while to say the least, and i have a few clients looking to get models done in the new year so i hope to be busier than ever.


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